Give me a sign in Vegas.


Signs. Signs. Signs. Everywhere. Wedding chapels, motels and casinos. Walls and windows, inside and outside. Walking around Las Vegas leaves the typography lover suffering from an overdose in neon lights and hand-lettering. I already posted about my first impressions in my blogpost The two sides of Las Vegas. Scrolling through my pictures I noticed how much I loved the old Vegas. The part with the not-so-fancy-gamblers and too-naked-old-women. The part where you can go and buy 25 cents beers on a tuesday and where the atmosphere is more relaxed. Where you can see signs of old Vegas restored in their former glory. Continue reading

The two sides of Las Vegas.

After a relatively tranquil evironment in Texas, I was blown away again. Millions of lights, cars and people. Bleeping, shrill and screaming sounds. Flashy advertising, fountains and volcanoes – at least every hour at the Bellagio and Mirage – and especially money. Money to spend, dollarsigns in the eyes of the tired gamblers behind the slotmachine. Money for swimming pools and limousines, nightclubs and the ferris wheel. Vegas breathes money, it craves for it and lives on it. On the other side of the coin – or should I say gambling chip? – and the other side of the strip you can find the complete opposite. Homeless and sick people sleeping on the streets, begging for a dollar. Las Vegas seemed to me a city of big contrasts. Continue reading