Visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


How much I do love art, classical art gets me bored easily. The numerous portraits, the same faces with their tiny smiles and stately postures. Dark browns and little light. Religious canvases with the same Mary over and over again. Greek gods and chubby cherubs. Yes, most of them are masterpieces of craftsmanship. Yes, they’re considered the summum of the summum of the classical art. No, I couldn’t care less. Continue reading

24 hours in Amsterdam – what to do in one day. 


As a Belgian, I’m pretty lucky. With Brussels as the European capital, loads of people travel in and out of the city. Which results in cheap flights, trains and busses. Which results in cheap flights, trains and busses out of the country as well. Which makes my traveling heart jump up and make a little dance. Possibilities to travel closeby aplenty and Amsterdam is one of them. A couple of hours on the train and a new city awaits. But what to do in Amsterdam? – I know, you probably think ‘coffee shops and the Red Light District… not for me –  Continue reading

House Sonneveld, or modernism in Rotterdam.


Hurray! Finally, here it is…my first blog post. I made this page already ages ago, so I’m pleased to say I started a blog. A blog. Sounds weird, no? I’m not really a writer at all, the way I express myself has always been through drawings and pictures, but here I am, typing text for the world to read it. To be honest, I started this blog mainly because I wanted to share my travel adventures and pictures on the world wide web – and with family & friends of course – but, that doesn’t mean I can’t start to tell some stories too. How else are you going to hear those stories anyway? Time to get started! Continue reading