Old vs. New / Belgian vs. Dutch at the Designmuseum in Gent.


My favorite museum in Gent is the one where I spent hours of sketching state-of-the-art chairs and other famous furniture. The one located right in the middle of the city centre, opposite to a little park with view on the steady floating boats passing by on the Leie river. With white walls and a tiny courtyard, perfect enough to enjoy an early spring day in the sun. Because I’m turning 26 – oh help, almost on the wrong side of the twenties. Let’s call it the best side. – and the entrance fee is only 2€ for -26 year olds, I knew I had to visit the Designmuseum again before leaving on foreign adventures. And they had an exhibition going on I was dying to see. Continue reading

Facing new challenges – Part II

I’m thrilled. Excited. Bouncing up and down my chair, because the next half year I’ll be living and working in the beautiful, magical Montenegro! – referring to blogpost of Part I, where I didn’t know the country yet – Not having mapped out any future plans whatsoever the past year, pieces of the puzzle finally start to fall into place. At least, for the next 6-7 months. Whatever happens after that, who knows? Continue reading

Chaos while packing.

I used to be very organized when I started to pack my luggage before leaving on a trip. Short trip or long trip, a lot of time was spent on picking the right clothes, ticking off the boxes on my list and checking and rechecking and check to see if I really didn’t forget anything. Calculating the amount of time I needed to pick up the stuff I possibly could’ve forgotten to buy in advance. Leaving me with slightly heavier bags than I needed. Most of the time I came back from a trip with half of the clothes still unused in my bag. Stressed out so I wouldn’t forget anything. Got my medicines? Did I pack my red dress as well? Let’s check again if I have enough socks with me.  Continue reading

Facing new challenges.

The day this year started, I had absolutely no clue how the year would look like. I wasn’t lost. Just an ‘in between’ state of mind. A ‘what next’. Two months home after some of the best months in my life, I was longing to leave again. – editing pictures and writing about my trips didn’t really help staying home either – To pack my backs and explore more. At the same time, I was happy to be home as well. To see my family and friends again. To have structure, to know where to go and what to do. Not to struggle in a foreign language, though I love struggling and figuring out how to’s. – life becomes a lot easier if you don’t need to figure out where to go all the time, when you can just hop in your car and drive to the first ATM that pops into mind – Me and my bank account were more than ready to earn some money as well. I knew I needed to find a job. To earn some more money before even thinking about thinking about browsing the web, in search for cheap plane tickets. Continue reading

Daily life at the House of Alijn museum in Ghent.

Again, Ghent. As I already told you, one of my favorite cities in Belgium. Museums a plenty. – Hurray for me, I love museums. They make me travel back in time. Sort of. – Since I heard a lot of good things about the House of Alijn, I decided to give it a shot and see what’s happening over there.


Here lay wolf irons and shooting guns. Whatever that might be.

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The city of Ghent in wintertime.

Aaaaaaaah Ghent. My first thought every time I enter the city is accompanied with a sigh of relief. – Why didn’t I wrote earlier about Ghent? Oh yes, I haven’t been in the country for a while – This city happens to be my favorite city in Belgium and though Brussels is great, Bruges is picture perfect and Antwerp is considered to be the fashion capital and a shopping heaven, Ghent still feels the most like home. Not too big and not too small. Old and young at the same time, bubbling with lust for life and always celebrating. Arts go together with sports, tourists and locals mix each time.


Old and not so old.

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Binge-eating at the Christmas market in Brussels.


You know. The favorite time of the year they say. Lights and the smell of pine, happy songs and happy people. Presents and snow and a fire crackling in the fireplace. Expectations and the end of a year creeping closer and closer. Warm feelings and warm wine in your hands. And Christmas markets. With chocolate. And hot chocolate. And pralines. And waffles topped up with chocolate. And pancakes with nutella. Jenever. Beer. – duh, it’s Belgium –  Candy. And I can continue for ages. Continue reading