The art of doing nothing while traveling


Beach in San Juan Del Sur.

Traveling is exhausting. Your brain is buzzing from the gazillion things it has to do and remember to keep you alive during your time on the road. Where am I going next? How am I going to get there? How do I buy a ticket in a language I barely understand? Imagine all those questions combined with all the different smells and colors, works of art and stunning landscapes you’re discovering every single day. No routine, besides the fact that everything is new to you. I remember days strolling through unknown cities, absorbing as much of the tastes and impressions as possible. Always searching for something. A place to sleep. A restaurant. Nice bars. An english bookshop. An ATM. The postoffice. The supermarket. People to hang out with.  Continue reading

Climbing rooftops in Léon, Nicaragua.

Museo De La Revolucion_Leon_05

When you hear somebody say ‘volcano boarding’ in Central America, the chances are big they’re talking about the Cerro Negro close to Léon, a beautiful colonial city in Nicaragua. Nothing more fun than a one hour hike up a hot volcano – not lava hot hot hot, but when you dig a little hole while standing on the top, you might burn your fingers – and sledding down on a wooden board. With the right laying-down-and-hold-your-feet-up-technique, you zoom down the slopes in a flash. Yes, what an experience. Continue reading