The art of doing nothing while traveling


Beach in San Juan Del Sur.

Traveling is exhausting. Your brain is buzzing from the gazillion things it has to do and remember to keep you alive during your time on the road. Where am I going next? How am I going to get there? How do I buy a ticket in a language I barely understand? Imagine all those questions combined with all the different smells and colors, works of art and stunning landscapes you’re discovering every single day. No routine, besides the fact that everything is new to you. I remember days strolling through unknown cities, absorbing as much of the tastes and impressions as possible. Always searching for something. A place to sleep. A restaurant. Nice bars. An english bookshop. An ATM. The postoffice. The supermarket. People to hang out with.  Continue reading

6 favorite things to do in Antigua – Guatemala.

Antigua_Six favorite things to do

I’ve visited Antigua twice. First time I arrived in a hot shuttle bus with 40 degrees fever and feet that could barely hold my weight because of horrendous muscle aches. Needless to say I didn’t really see much of the city the next couple of days, besides my bed, my hostel, the doctor’s cabinet and the panoramic view from the roof terrace. Second time though, I indulged myself into the Spanish language, breathing, eating and dreaming in Spanish while discovering the pretty picturesque colonial city called ‘Antigua’. Continue reading

Free hot springs at La Fortuna in Costa Rica.

La Fortuna_03

Volcan Arenal. From a distance.

Costa Rica. Absolutely beautiful country, but according to my wallet also very very expensive. Yes, it’s convenient to pay in dollars. But that’s about it. No need for a 20 dollar taxi to a National Park and pay an additional 50 dollar to enter and a 20 dollar taxi ride back home. In backpacker’s minds it just says ‘ERROR, ERROR, YOU’RE SPENDING TOO MUCH’ and ‘THAT’S 9 NIGHTS OF ACCOMODATION’ and ‘NOPE’. Sadly, you miss a lot of crazy views and beautiful trips. Luckily, you can always visit Costa Rica again once you’ve gathered enough funding. But then I had this magical and incredibly cheap experience. Continue reading

Climbing rooftops in Léon, Nicaragua.

Museo De La Revolucion_Leon_05

When you hear somebody say ‘volcano boarding’ in Central America, the chances are big they’re talking about the Cerro Negro close to Léon, a beautiful colonial city in Nicaragua. Nothing more fun than a one hour hike up a hot volcano – not lava hot hot hot, but when you dig a little hole while standing on the top, you might burn your fingers – and sledding down on a wooden board. With the right laying-down-and-hold-your-feet-up-technique, you zoom down the slopes in a flash. Yes, what an experience. Continue reading

Mayan mysteries in Tikal.


Welcome to Tikal. As one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Guatemala, these Mayan ruins definitely deserve their spot on my ‘this is…’ series. They’re worthy of the title ‘UNESCO world heritage’, not only because it used to be one of the most powerful kingdoms in ancient Maya history. When you visit, the atmosphere just breathes greatness and mysteriousness. Questions pop up instantly: how did they manage to make such grand temples in a time with such few building tools? How did they live? Who are those Mayans, that left so many secrets and not enough answers to silence our hunger for knowledge? Where did they sacrifice? – Yep, always interested in the bloody details. – Are there jaguars in the neighbourhood? Is it likely that I’ll be served for breakfast to some jungle animals? Continue reading

Paradise in Panama. 

Panama gave me a lot of mixed feelings when I arrived, especially after traveling together with M. for a while. First of all, this is the last country on my ‘to-visit-on-this-trip-list’, which means: the end is near. Second, I didn’t know what to expect or where to go besides some suggestions of other people on the road. And last, I was so busy looking forward to Cuba – yes, blogpost coming soon – that I didn’t realize I was supposed to spend my two last weeks in another country.  Continue reading