Chaos while packing.

I used to be very organized when I started to pack my luggage before leaving on a trip. Short trip or long trip, a lot of time was spent on picking the right clothes, ticking off the boxes on my list and checking and rechecking and check to see if I really didn’t forget anything. Calculating the amount of time I needed to pick up the stuff I possibly could’ve forgotten to buy in advance. Leaving me with slightly heavier bags than I needed. Most of the time I came back from a trip with half of the clothes still unused in my bag. Stressed out so I wouldn’t forget anything. Got my medicines? Did I pack my red dress as well? Let’s check again if I have enough socks with me. 

Yesterday, I chilled out and packed my bag. No biggie. Bye bye packing stress. Though really stressless isn’t the case, since the charger of my macbook decided to quit working about half an hour ago. Bummer. Yes, I have to be at the airport at six in the morning tomorrow. Yes, it’s sunday and all shops are closed. Yes, I need it. No worries, everything figured out. Maybe I should take my lenses with me tomorrow as well? After spending five months of packing and unpacking my backpack every four days, I decided not to care that much anymore. Maybe I’ll forget something. Like deodorant, which didn’t found a spot in my suitcase yet. Ah well. Shops enough in other countries. Nothing that can’t be replaced. Which leaves me relaxed, happy, excited and eager to leave tomorrow, in search for new adventures to write about!

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