Facing new challenges.

The day this year started, I had absolutely no clue how the year would look like. I wasn’t lost. Just an ‘in between’ state of mind. A ‘what next’. Two months home after some of the best months in my life, I was longing to leave again. – editing pictures and writing about my trips didn’t really help staying home either – To pack my backs and explore more. At the same time, I was happy to be home as well. To see my family and friends again. To have structure, to know where to go and what to do. Not to struggle in a foreign language, though I love struggling and figuring out how to’s. – life becomes a lot easier if you don’t need to figure out where to go all the time, when you can just hop in your car and drive to the first ATM that pops into mind – Me and my bank account were more than ready to earn some money as well. I knew I needed to find a job. To earn some more money before even thinking about thinking about browsing the web, in search for cheap plane tickets.

Two weeks later I’d accepted two jobs. Not just two regular jobs, but jobs I really really wanted to do. Really really really wanted. I applied for several jobs, related to traveling and illustration – uh, did I already told you that’s what I actually studied for? –, but mainly jobs I felt I would love to wake up for. Jobs that got me excited about leaving for work every day. Jobs where I could grow and do what I love. Or I was extremely lucky or timing was perfect. Or a combination of both, who knows? In a week I’ll finish my first – technically second and technically, hopefully, maybe not finish – job, which still doesn’t feel like a job at all. Past weeks I’ve had the time to discover my qualities as an Art Director. I’ve been insecure and proud, I’ve been sketching and thinking, doubting and talking, questioning and creating. And I had a bunch of great colleagues beside me, to help where needed. To share coco-vanilla cakes and nic nac – or pic nic – cookies with. I’ll definitely leave with a lot of mixed feelings: happy for the awesome atmosphere at work every single day. Sad to go. Regret because I can’t see the whole process of the projects I’m working at. Excited to start another adventure. A new challenge.

And what a challenge. In a week I’ll start a course – in Portugal, whoop whoop –, which will lead me to working in a foreign country for the next half year. In tourism. – let’s hope it’s at least half as fun as being Art Director – I don’t know exactly when I leave for the next half year. Maybe two days after the course, maybe two weeks. I don’t know in which country I’ll live. I don’t know whom I’ll be working with. Which makes me absolutely thrilled, siked, eager to go. I’ve always wanted to work in another country. To know how it is to really live somewhere else, to discover little bars and restaurants to make your own. To indulge in local food and dive into another way of life. Even though I will be in a touristic area, I’m curious how I’ll be able to make it work. New adventures, new challenges, new way of life. New countries and new languages. New people. New stories, new blogposts. – hurray, new blogposts! – Saying goodbye and saying hello.


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