Binge-eating at the Christmas market in Brussels.


You know. The favorite time of the year they say. Lights and the smell of pine, happy songs and happy people. Presents and snow and a fire crackling in the fireplace. Expectations and the end of a year creeping closer and closer. Warm feelings and warm wine in your hands. And Christmas markets. With chocolate. And hot chocolate. And pralines. And waffles topped up with chocolate. And pancakes with nutella. Jenever. Beer. – duh, it’s Belgium –  Candy. And I can continue for ages.

Belgians call themselves Burgundians. We love the good life. We love good food. We swim in chocolate baths and eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and diner. – hm, maybe the last sentence is a little bit exaggerated – No, honestly, you get my point. In spring, terraces are packed from the moment the first rays of sunlight show up after a long winter. In summer, you can visit a different festival every single day – if you can handle that – and go wild for three months in a row. In autumn, art festivals and cultural activities become a feast for the eye. In winter, of course, we indulge ourselves in chocolate, waffles, pancakes, speculaas, … In short, everything that’s either hot or sweet. Or both.



The Christmas market is the ideal opportunity to fill everybody’s sweet tooth. Which I did. – Delicious giant PANCAKES. Yeah, you read it well, PANCAKES. The real ones. They’re not called crêpes…that’s just the french translation of PANCAKES. – First time for me to visit the one in Brussels, with good company – I had to mention my ladies L., A. and I. at least once – and asks for more. More jenever. More Christmas atmosphere. More lights and warmth and presents. More trees and red noses. More christmas decoration. More chocolate. More pictures.


The Grand Place in Brussels.


The Grand Place in Brussels.


Sint-Katelijneplein in Brussels.


No need for a caption.


Sweet deliciousness.


Food stalls at the market.


Stylish with a Ferris wheel.


Ferris wheel greatness.


I can see the light.


More food.


Yes, that’s a Belgian flag.


Galeries Royales Saint Hubert from the inside. Beautiful, every single time.

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