Memories and excitement in May.


The month May has always been a special month to me. Unlike January, it has always been a month of decisions and changes, not the least because I’m born in May. So here I am now, preparing and packing for my next trip, starting June the fifth. The first one in another continent and I’ll be traveling completely alone – as a matter of speaking, there will be tons of people everywhere, but you get my point-. Because I want to.

It all started in September 2013 – another month of new beginnings – when I, freshly graduated – again –, left for a trip with my friend M., who graduated with me. Both being single and good friends, we thought going on a trip together was a good idea. Actually, it was one of the best ideas we ever had. She wanted to have sun, I wanted some culture and explore Eastern Europe, so we each picked a destination: first Barcelona, then Krakow. To make a long story short, we had a GREAT time. And at that trip I caught the travel bug.

Of course, I already loved traveling, but that trip really got me going. After some other citytrips with M. and other friends, I decided to go to Rome, alone, in the lovely month of May. I fell in love, not with Rome, but with the complete freedom I had during those 3 days, deciding what to eat, where to go and what to do, all by myself. I felt alone from time to time, but I met a really nice and easy-going Canadian girl – ‘een vree wijze’ as I would say in my own language – whom I spent two days with, discovering ancient ruins and churches. I loved the Vatican museum, the Forum Romanum, the Pantheon and adored the taste of gelato and pasta and gelato and pasta. I was disappointed by the Colosseum but I adored the history lingering around the corner of every street. Although I left Rome with mixed feelings – I didn’t really love the city as much as I imagined I would -, I still missed it at the same time. Coming home with a great sadness in my heart because the days flew by too fast and I lost my freshly discovered freedom, the experience of going abroad, alone, left a big impression on me.

Since the smell of sunscreen and the first really warm days in Belgium evoked all these memories – and because I read a book about Italy –, I couldn’t just not post anything about it. So here I am, daydreaming about last year, and getting slightly more and more excited about next month, – did I tell you yet I’ll be traveling through the USA and Central America for a couple of months? – when I leave again, alone, on another big adventure. With a huge smile on my face, looking forward to all the adventures I can tell you about.

P.S. Yes, I have pictures of Rome, and yes, here they are.


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