House Sonneveld, or modernism in Rotterdam.


Hurray! Finally, here it is…my first blog post. I made this page already ages ago, so I’m pleased to say I started a blog. A blog. Sounds weird, no? I’m not really a writer at all, the way I express myself has always been through drawings and pictures, but here I am, typing text for the world to read it. To be honest, I started this blog mainly because I wanted to share my travel adventures and pictures on the world wide web – and with family & friends of course – but, that doesn’t mean I can’t start to tell some stories too. How else are you going to hear those stories anyway? Time to get started!

A couple of weeks ago, I visited my cousin who studies in Amsterdam for a day in the weekend, so I thought, why not spend a day in Rotterdam on the way home too? Rotterdam isn’t a city that is high ranked on my bucket list, but since it’s a city close by Belgium, I gave it a chance. Well, I was pleased. One day is a short time to discover a city, but I managed to see a part of the Museumquarter – for the people who don’t know me: yes, I am an art freak. I spend a lot of time in museums, so be prepared – and the lovely House Sonneveld. Since architecture from the 1920’s until the 1950’s gets my heart beating a little bit faster, I couldn’t resist the urge to go inside and take some pictures. O boy, was that a good idea – I’m sorry, modernist architecture gets me excited too! 

House Sonneveld is one of the best-preserved functionalist houses I’ve visited in my life – not that I’m that old – and it’s interior is mainly decorated with the original furniture from the 1930’s, as it was designed by the architects Brinkman & Van der Vlugt. I only managed to take some pictures from the inside, since it was too cold outside and I was a bit lazy that morning…I know.

Next time I visit Rotterdam, I’ll try to make some time to see the old Port and the Market Hall designed by MVRDV, it seems to be pretty impressive too. And I’ll run back to House Sonneveld to take some pictures from the outside too ;)









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